About Me

Hi. I hope this page will help you to know me better and who i am.

About Idhosukahewan.

A Freelancer that focusing on Live2D

Hi, my name is Idho and people usually know me as Idhosukahewan, I am not a real animal lover (because idhosukahewan in Indonesia means Idho love animal) but the name has its own meaning for me. I was born in Indonesia and now trying to live with what I love. I have studied Live2D especially in model rigging since late 2019 and am still active as a rigger. My hopes and dreams are to become Idhosukahewan in the best version, be it at work or in my real life.

My Experience
With Other Software

” Watch and learn.”

I love learning new stuff thats make me interest and curious.

After Effect
Adobe Premier
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
Fusion 360
Inventor Professional
2017 - 2019
Before Know Live2D
Freelancer as Graphic Designer and Video Editor

Beside my duty on real life, i also working as freelancer on graphic design and video editing.

September 2019
Learning Live2D
Interesting on Live2D

I start to learn Live2D because of my ego to learn and how some of agency can make vtuber character

January 2020
My First Commission
Try to Open Commission

I try to open commission live2d rig with my minim skill and gratefully i get my first client and she a vtuber too and her name is "Tsukineko".  Thanks to her and i will never forget the moment i get my first client as a rigger.

Active As a Rigger
Active as a Rigger

Until now im still rigging live2d character and gain many experience from variative models. I'm happy to know Live2D


" I Love what im doing, and you should too"