Term of Service

As for what needs to be considered before commissioning with me and to ensure that we can understand each other between me (rigger) and you as the client, you can see the points below.

Term of Service

  • You must to pay 50% upfront of the total payment and rest of them after i show you the result and ready to packaging.
  • Please do raw calculation on calculation section before commissioning
  • When you want to book the slot, you have to pay a booking fee of 15$ first to avoid any complications and this is also a security deposit.
  • The PSD file will be checked after you pay the booking money to reserve the commission slot
  • Since the “Revision Note” that i give to you will be forward to your ilustrator L2D, make sure they know if i’m gonna do a checking on your PSD files
  • Please make sure your Ilustrator is open for any revision notes that i give to you before commissioning on me
  • I will not rigging NSFW in any form.
  • I can use your model rigging as a sample / showcasing purpose.
  • No refund, except i can’t finish your commission.
  • I can’t share the .cmo file (but if you want it you have to buy it at a price of 85% from total rigging cost).
  • Give a credit as Idhosukahewan on your bio with link to my twitter / instagram.
  • tax borne by client

Question and Answer

Paypal for overseas and local bank for domestically 

Some models have their own difficulty, so i dont think if its a fair when one client have a simple model get the same price with the complex one. Thats the main reason why i add it

Its mean for revision note that i give to your artist to get revision and any stuffs that i will revision it by myself when i found a mesh or i need to fix it to make it way better when im working ot it. Sometimes when i riging and i found some parts that need to be fixed fast but its not a major revision, i will do it by my self ^^

Yes, this booking fee will be reduced by the total commission price. For example, the total commission is 500$, then you only need to pay the remaining payment which is only 485$ left (500 – 15)

If you already send the 50% total payment and i already start to riging, my answers is you can’t. But if its happen before i start riging (its mean you just reservation to me, i already check you PSD and send some of revision on it and then you wanna cancel it), my answers say its possible but you gonna get penalty fee for the revision note that you get from me (which is the booking fee that you send to me).

Unfortunately, i just service a Live2D Riging. And to get riging in Live2D you must have a PSD with a proper cutting or separating parts.

Its fine, i will check it for you ^^ but you must set a reservation first!

Yes and No,

I said Yes you can, if the additional you want to add on your model is not far from i start to riging (less than a week), especially if the additional you want to  get rig is complex and have many parameter to do on it (but is depend on the timeline).

No if i think is not possible to get riging by the timeline that i already set before i start to rig. Since i have to be fair with other clients and time that i already set to each clients who trust me to be their rigger of their models too. Hopefully you understand the situation.

I will guaranted until 7 days for free revison after i send the final poject file to you, and will be subject to a revision fee 2% from total riging cost for each revision at after.

Depend, might be after your model is clear if i dont have any client to rig again or usually is around end of batch / new batch comission list

Its depend, if i think its enough and already overwork, i will close the batch directly.

Sure! I really respect that. no, highly respect!